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High Accuracy Source Measure Unit Meter SMU

PRECISE source measuring unit meter has the advantages of high test accuracy, fast speed, strong compatibility, wide test range, high reliability, easy operation, fast and flexible responsive service, etc., and can meet the accuracy requirements of most application scenarios.

ModelOperating  ModeMax Output  PowerDCVoltageCurrent DCAccuracyPulseCurrent  PulseMinimum  Pulse Width

30W DC

300W Pulse

Yes300μV-30V10pA-10A0.1%Yes10pA-10A200μslearn more

30W DC

300W Pulse

Yes300μV-100V10pA-10A0.1%Yes10pA-10A200μslearn more

30W DC

300W Pulse

Yes300μV-300V10pA-10A0.1%Yes10pA-10A200μslearn more

Source Measure Unit Meter With better Price

PRECISE Instruments produce excellent cost-effective source measure unit (SMU). Compared with other brands like Keithley and Keysight source measure meter, our source measure unit meter is more affordable, but has the same test range and accuracy, which makes PRECISE source measurement unit a perfect alternative for Keithley ,Keysight and other SMU brands!

Wide Application Source Measure Unit

PRECISE source measure units provide an overall solution for semiconductor material to device ecological chain testing. From material, wafer to device testing, PRECISE source measure unit meters are widely used in new semiconductor device material analysis, semiconductor discrete device testing, integrated circuit testing, and university teaching and training platforms etc.; provide customers with a combination of modular hardware, efficient drivers and efficient algorithm software to help users build custom solutions.

Test fixture

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