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College teaching system solutions

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College teaching system solutions

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Problems Existing in Traditional Experimental Teaching

The teaching equipment is old, with high failure rate, low precision and poor repeatability;

The special instrument for teaching has a single function, low instrument reuse rate, and a large laboratory area;

The small number of experimental instruments leads to a long period of experimental courses and poor time compatibility with theoretical courses;

Operating fools has little significance in cultivating students' hands-on ability;

Individual experimental content has been eliminated by the times and cannot meet the needs of integrated circuit talent training at this stage;

Features of PRECISE experimental platform

The microelectronics comprehensive experiment platform based on high-precision general instruments provides a variety of experimental measurement environments;

In line with the experimental cases related to integrated circuit testing, support integrated circuit related course resources and theoretical teaching;

With a wealth of test fixtures and experimental teaching materials to meet the needs of basic experimental teaching;

The test device is packaged in STO, plug and play, easy to replace;

The test equipment is simple and easy to use, and the wiring is simple, which is convenient for students to operate;

Starting from the basic platform, it can be gradually upgraded to meet the increasing demand for laboratory testing;

Assist teachers in writing lesson plans, improve teaching efficiency, and reduce the difficulty of course development;

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