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CS Series Multi-Channel Source Measure Unit SMU


The PRECISE high precision multi-channel source measure unit meter has the characteristics of high channel density,strong synchronization trigger function and high efficiency of multi-device combination.Designed according to PXI module system like PXIe4139、PXIe4141 PRECISE module host adopts a customized framework.The backplane bus bandwidth is up to 3Gbps and supports 16 trigger buses to meet the high rate communication requirements of multi-card devices.The company has developed a variety of optional sub-cards for users to flexibly configure different sub-cards according to functional performance requirements, launched 1003C and 1010C two types of host,1003C has a maximum of 3 sub-card slot, 1010C has a maximum of 10 sub-card slot.

Product Feature

█   high precision 0.1% accuracy

█    Four-quadrant operation

█    Modular

█    Multi-channels A single host can support 10 sub-cards, up to 40 channels

█    Flexible channel trigger bus, multiple sub-cards work together efficiently

█    Rich scanning modes

█    Various communication interfaces RS-232/GPIB/LAN

At present, CS100, CS200, CS300 and CS400 sub-cards have been developed, among which CS100,  CS200 and CS300 are single card and single channel,   CS400 is single card  and four  channels ,  and four channels  in the card are common. When a 10 card host is used, up to 40 channels can be configured. You can select different sub-cards to achieve the  optimal cost  performance.

Plug-in card-type, multi-channel SMU improves test efficiency

In the face of batch testing application scenarios, the test solution using desktop SMU is complicated to operate and the cost is difficult to control. Programming, controlling, connecting, measuring and analyzing multiple instruments is complex and time-consuming, and requires a large amount of test space.

The CS series plug-in multi-channel source measure unit adopts the multi-channel and modular design concept of the host computer and daughter cards. Each channel is independent of each other and can be controlled and operated independently. It greatly shortens the development, establishment and maintenance time of the test system, saves the space of the test rack or test bench, and reduces the overall cost of purchasing the test system.

multi channel source measure unit.jpg

Product selection

ModelAlotsCommunicationPort PowerDimension
CS1003C 3 slotsRS-232/GPIB/Ethernet AC 100~240V 50/60Hz,Max power500W 552mmlong × 482mmwidth ×178mmheight
CS1010C10 slotsRS-232/GPIB/Ethernet AC 100~240V 50/60Hz,Max power1000W 552mmlong × 482mmwidth × 354mmheight
ModelChannelMax voltage rangeMax current rangeMax powerAccuracy
CS100130V 1A30W 0.1%
CS200 1100V 1A30W 0.1%
CS300 1300V 1A30W 0.1%
CS400 410V 200mA


CBI401 410V 500mA


5W/CH Pulse

CBI402 410V 1A


10W/CH Pulse


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  • Options&accessories

    5.08 pitch 8-pin connector (male)_cs100

    5.08 pitch 8-pin connector (male)_cs100

    Banana- alligator clip cable_cs100

    Banana- alligator clip cable_cs100

    10A250V power cable

    10A250V power cable

    CS-filled bar

    CS-filled bar

    DB26 core male-male

    DB26 core male-male

    CS-filled bar

    CS-filled bar







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