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HCPL100 High Current Source Pulsed Power Supply For Schottky Diode Rectifier Bridge IPM Module Test


The HCPL100 high-current pulse power supply is a pulse constant current source, which has the characteristics of large output high current (1000A), steep pulse edge (15uS), support for two-channel pulse voltage measurement (peak sampling), and support for output polarity switching. The equipment can be used in high-current testing occasions such as Schottky diodes, rectifier bridge stacks, IGBT devices, IGBT half-bridge modules, IPM modules, etc. The "current-onvoltage" scan test can be completed independently with this device.

Product Feature

█   The current output of a single unit is 5A-1000A, and it supports multiple parallel outputs, and the current can reach 6000A;

█   The adjustable current pulse width of 50us-500us, with a rising edge of 15us (typical time), reduces the heating of the object under test during the test, and the test results are more accurate;

█   Two voltages are collected synchronously, and the measured voltage is 0-18V, which can support the simultaneous testing of the upper and lower tubes of the half-bridge module to improve test efficiency;

█   Supports current output polarity reversal. To test Vce(sat) and Vfz, you only need to send corresponding instructions without adding additional external switches;

█   The output and measurement accuracy of the device is 0.1%;

█   Supports automatic sampling, no need for external capture card.

Why Choose HCPL100 High Current Source?

The trend of high current in practical applications of IGBT/SiC Power semiconductor devices

Power semiconductor devices, used in fields such as power rectification, inverter, and frequency conversion, are equivalent to the "CPU" in the field of power electronics. It has the characteristics of high voltage withstand, high current, and low loss. With the upgrading of technology, the on state power consumption, switching time, and switching power consumption are constantly decreasing.The device's withstand voltage value ranges from hundreds Volt to thousands Volt, and the current range includes tens A to thousands A.

They are widely used in industrial control, household appliances, electric vehicles, new energy photovoltaic and other fields. Common power semiconductors include power diodes, power MOS, IGBT, and third-generation semiconductor devices such as SIC MOS and GaN HEMT.

Test requirement

In testing, some parameters require the use of providing current measure voltage(FIMV) methods, such as Vce testing.

pulse high current.jpg

High current output has fast response and no overshoot

Adopting Precise self-developed high-performance pulse high current source.Integration of source and measurement, fast response to output establishment, without overshoot.

In high current testing, high-speed narrow pulse mode is used to reduce the thermal effect of the device.For example,in the testing of Vcesat and Rdson.

high current.jpg

Product selection

ModelCurrent pulse widthOutput current rangeOutput current accuracyMeasurement voltage rangeMeasurement voltage accuracyCommunication port
HCPL10050μs~500μs5A~1000A0.1%FS±1A0~0.3V 0.1%±0.3mVRS-232/LAN
0~3V 0.1%±3mV

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