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E Series High Voltage Source Measure Tester HV Programmable Power Supply


The high voltage source measuring unit has the characteristics of high output and measuring voltage (3500V), and can output and measuring weak current signal (1nA). The instrument works in the first quadrant, output and measurement voltage 0~3500V,can be expanded to 10kV, output and measurement current 0~100mA. Supports constant-voltage and constant-current working mode and diversified I-V scanning modes. The HV high voltage meter can be used in IGBT breakdown voltage test, IGBT dynamic test busbar capacitor charging power supply, IGBT aging power supply, lightning-proof diode voltage test, varistor voltage test and other occasions. The constant current mode is of great significance for rapid measurement of breakdown point.

Product Feature

█   The high voltage establishment time is 5ms, which reduces the heat generation of the object under test when it is powered on.

█   The maximum single unit is 3500V, the maximum current is 100mA, and the maximum power is 350W; it can be expanded to 10kV.

█   Constant voltage or constant current output, synchronous test voltage or current.

█   0.1% accuracy, nA level leakage current test under high voltage.

█   Supports linear, logarithmic and customized scan.

█   Constant pressure and current limiting, limiting the flow to avoid pipe explosion.

Product application and testing advantages

The trend of high voltage in practical applications of IGBT/SiC Power semiconductor devices

Power semiconductor devices, used in fields such as power rectification, inverter, and frequency conversion, are equivalent to the "CPU" in the field of power electronics. It has the characteristics of high voltage withstand, high current, and low loss. With the upgrading of technology, the on state power consumption, switching time, and switching power consumption are constantly decreasing.The device's withstand voltage value ranges from hundreds Volt to thousands Volt, and the current range includes tens A to thousands A.

They are widely used in industrial control, household appliances, electric vehicles, new energy photovoltaic and other fields. Common power semiconductors include power diodes, power MOS, IGBT, and third-generation semiconductor devices such as SIC MOS and GaN HEMT.

Test requirement

In testing, some parameters require the use of providing voltage measure current(FVMI) methods, such as Ices testing.

high voltage power.jpg

Testing Advantages

Adopting Precise self-developed high voltage source measure unit. Source and measurement integrated, single unit maximum voltage output of 3500V, constant voltage current limiting, no overshoot.

In high voltage testing, the rising and falling edges of the ms level reduce the thermal effect of the device. For example,in the testing of V(BR)DSS and Ices.

high voltage source.jpg

Product selection

ModelMax voltag erangeMax current rangeMax powerAccuracyCommunication Port
E100 1200V100mA 120W0.1%RS-232/LAN
E2002200V 100mA 220W 0.1%RS-232/LAN
E3003500V 100mA350W 0.1%RS-232/LAN

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