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Focus on semiconductor electrical performance testing

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PRECISE Instruments presents a full range of semiconductor electrical performance testing equipment at the 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair

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On July 11, 2023 Electronica China opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "integrating innovation, leading the future intelligently", bringing together semiconductors, passive devices, intelligent network connection & new energy vehicles , sensors, connectors, switches, wiring harnesses and cables, power supplies, test and measurement, printed circuit boards, electronic manufacturing services, advanced manufacturing and other enterprises, to create a professional display platform across the upstream and downstream of the industry from product design to application implementation, with innovation Technology promotes the development of China's electronics industry.

         PRECISE Instruments is committed to the localization of high-end semiconductor testing equipment. It brought a full range of semiconductor electrical performance testing main products and semiconductor field testing solutions from materials, wafers to devices to this exhibition, attracting many engineers and industry guests to experience and communicate.

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Testing and measurement is an effective means of quality control in the entire electronics industry. Depending on the production process of semiconductors, quality control is divided into front-end inspection, middle-end inspection, and back-end inspection. Front-end inspection, also known as process inspection, is oriented to wafer manufacturing. It checks whether the product processing parameters meet the design requirements or has defects that affect yield after wafer manufacturing processes such as lithography, etching, film deposition, cleaning, and CMP. performance testing; mid-track testing is oriented towards advanced packaging, using non-contact methods such as optics to control the quality of wafer manufacturing processes such as rewiring structures, bumps, and through-silicon vias; back-track testing is mainly for wafer testing (CP, Circuit Probing) ) and finished product test (FT, Final Test), to check whether the chip performance meets the requirements, biased towards electrical performance testing.

   Focusing on the electrical performance test of semiconductors, PRECISE Instruments displayed five categories of self-developed source measure unit (SMU), pulse constant current source (FIMV), high voltage power supply (FIMV, FVMI), pulse constant voltage source and data acquisition card. Covering DC source measuring meter, pulse source measure unit, narrow pulse current source, integrated plug-in source measure unit, high-precision ultra-large current source, high-precision high-voltage power supply, data acquisition card and other domestic electrical performance test instruments, its stability and reliability , Consistency has been widely verified by the market.

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