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PRECISE presented integrated circuit industry-education integration solutions at the 7th Innovation Competition Awards Ceremony and delivered a speech

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The 7th National Undergraduate Integrated Circuit Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Semiconductor Testing Sub-division and the Seventh Division of Sinoda Cup will be held at Wuhan University of Technology on July 22, 2023. The competition is sponsored by the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and supported by Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, Wuhan Economic and Information Technology Bureau, and Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone University Park Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. "National Undergraduate Integrated Circuit Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" is a national college student A-level event, oriented towards the needs of service industry development, with the goal of improving the quality of talent training in my country's integrated circuit industry, creating a collaborative innovation platform for industry-university-research applications, and integrating industry development needs into teaching process, improve the innovative practice ability, engineering quality and teamwork spirit of college students, and help the healthy and rapid development of my country's integrated circuit industry.


At the same time, the Integrated Circuit Design Committee of the China Computer Federation held the "Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Testing Technology Industry-Education Integration Forum" at Wuhan University of Technology on July 26, 2023. Adapting to the needs of the development of the integrated circuit industry" as the background, focusing on the topic of "key technologies and personnel training in the field of semiconductor and integrated circuit testing".


The development of testing technology and the innovative application of the integration of production and education across majors in colleges and universities will be carried out in the form of expert sharing, enterprise communication, and teacher discussion. As a high-tech enterprise with source measure unit SMU as its core product, focusing on third-generation semiconductor testing, and providing a full range of solutions from materials, wafers, and devices, Wuhan Proceeds relies on its rich semiconductor industry application background and leading Test and measure technology, integrate and deliver the advanced technology and resources of the industry to colleges and universities, through the construction of integrated circuit and microelectronics laboratory training platforms, curriculum construction, professional co-construction, skill training, and industrial talent docking, etc., join hands with industries and colleges Cultivate high-level testing talents for future industry needs.

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