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Focus on semiconductor electrical performance testing

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Focus on power semiconductor testing | PRECISE’s multiple new products unveiled at China Optics Valley Jiufengshan Forum

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"Gathering momentum and empowering us to go to the future together", the 2024 Jiufengshan Forum and China International Compound Semiconductor Industry Expo has successfully concluded in Wuhan Optics Valley, China. As the largest and highest-level benchmark exhibition in the compound semiconductor industry, this event has successfully attracted the enthusiastic participation of many top experts and business representatives in the industry. During the forum, participants witnessed the wonderful display of many cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, fully demonstrating the booming development trend of the compound semiconductor industry.


   Wuhan PRECISE Instrument Co., Ltd., based on the core product source measure unit SMU, focuses on the field of power semiconductor testing and comprehensively demonstrated its full range of semiconductor test and measurement equipment and test solutions, attracting the attention of many people in the industry.


In the context of the country's commitment to achieving the "double carbon" strategic goal, power electronics technology has gradually become one of the key technologies for reducing carbon emissions. Traditional silicon-based semiconductor devices already have a mature and efficient testing and evaluation system. However, for silicon carbide (SiC) products that have been widely used in wind and solar storage systems and automobile electrification in recent years, due to their relatively short time on the market, their potential defects have not yet been fully exposed, and their failure mechanisms have not yet been clear. Therefore, scientific and effective evaluation and verification are particularly important. Compared with IGBT devices, silicon carbide power modules usually adopt a multi-chip parallel structure. This structure may lead to differences in heat dissipation and operating losses between chips, which may lead to problems such as thermal imbalance and electrical breakdown. These problems may have a significant impact on the life and reliability of the module, and cause the electrical parameters of the module to appear. Greater dispersion.

      In order to help the industry better cope with the testing and verification challenges brought by silicon carbide, Dr. Wang Cheng, deputy general manager of PRECISE Instrument Company, was invited to give a speech at the conference entitled "Static Testing of Silicon Carbide Power Semiconductors under the "Dual Carbon" Goal" "Challenges and Responses" speech. In his speech, Wang Cheng deeply discussed the difficulties faced by silicon carbide power semiconductors in the static testing process, and shared the rich testing experience and innovative solutions of PRECISE instruments in this field.


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