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Source measure Meter simplifies testing and reduces rack space

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The digital source measure meter integrates the functions of voltage source, current source, voltmeter, ammeter, and electronic load, and is widely used in the measurement of various precision devices: semiconductor IC or components, power devices, sensors, organic materials and nanomaterials, etc. Test and analyze.

What is the principle of digital source measure meter? How does it support four-quadrant work?

1. The quadrant diagram of the power supply refers to the quadrant diagram formed with the output voltage of the power supply as the X axis and the output current as the Y axis.

2. The first and third quadrants mean that the voltage and current are in the same phase, and the device supplies power to other devices, which is called the source mode; as a positive or negative constant voltage or constant current power supply is this mode;

3. The second and fourth quadrants are reversed voltage and current. Other equipment discharges the equipment, passively absorbs the incoming current, and can provide a return path for the current, which is called hydrazine mode; solar panels and lithium batteries are in this mode when discharging experiments .



        Characteristic testing of discrete semiconductor devices, resistors, diodes, light-emitting diodes, Zener diodes, PIN diodes, BJT transistors, MOSFETs, SICs, GaN and other devices;

        Energy and efficiency characteristic test, LED/AMOLED, solar cell, battery, DC-DC converter, etc.

        Sensor characteristic test, resistivity, Hall effect, etc.

        Characteristic testing of organic materials, electronic ink, printed electronic technology, etc.

        Characteristic testing of nanomaterials, graphene, nanowires, etc.

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