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Warmly celebrate the establishment of the test and calibration laboratory co-built by GRGTEST and PRECISE.

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On the morning of December 28, 2022, the unveiling ceremony of the joint testing and calibration laboratory jointly built by PRECISE and GRGTEST(Wuhan) was held in the exhibition hall on the fourth floor of Proceed Electronics. Zhou Peng (General Manager of PRECISE), Le Pan, (Manager of Quality Department in PRECISE), Yan Yubing (General Manager of GRGTEST), and Yang Chunbo(Business Director of GRGTEST) attended the unveiling ceremony.


Figure: Opening ceremony of the joint laboratory for measurement, testing and calibration of Precise  and radio and television

 The establishment of the testing and calibration joint laboratory is the result of the strong alliance in response to the localization of national instruments and meters and solving the "stuck neck" problem. Founded in 2009, PRECISE specializes in the research and development of optoelectronic chips, devices, module test instruments, automated test equipment and aging equipment, and its products are the first to achieve localization. Faced with the current situation that there is no calibration and measurement standard for relevant instruments in the domestic market, PRECISE and GRGTEST, relying on its CMA, CNAS testing and laboratory qualifications, will be able to provide customers with calibration and measurement services for instruments and meters in a timely manner to meet the needs of customers calibration needs.


Figure: Lepan, manager of the quality department of the first left side, Zhou Peng, general manager of the second left side, Yang Chunbo, director of the measurement business of the first right side, and Yan Yubing, general manager of the second right side

 After the unveiling ceremony, the two parties conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on follow-up business and cooperation. Zhou Peng introduced the company's industrial layout driven by "two wheels" in optical communication and semiconductor testing, as well as its leading position in the industry in technological innovation, professional software, hardware development and product sales. He wanted more broader cooperation in business aspects such as testing and certification of radio and television metrology products, instrument metrology calibration, measurement procedures and test standard formulation.Yan Yubing fully recognized the forward-looking strategic layout and excellent technical research and development strength of PRECISE, and said that it also has plans in the field of chip testing and certification for further cooperation.

 The co-construction of the testing and calibration joint laboratory has received strong support and concern from PRECISE chairman Huang Qiuyuan. In the future, PRECISE will adhere to the laboratory quality policy of "fairness, accuracy, standardization, and efficiency", provide customers with better value-added services, and play an important role in supporting the development of the industry.


Figure: A corner of the Precise Electronic Measurement and Calibration Laboratory

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