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What is the difference between the S source measure meter and the plug-in source measure meter?

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The S source measure has a maximum output voltage of 300V, a minimum current resolution of 10pA, and supports four-quadrant operation, so it can be widely used in various electrical characteristic tests

1. What are the differences between the S source measure and the plug-in source measure meter?

① The CS series plug-in source measure meter has richer trigger resources, and the mutual trigger coordination among multiple devices is more efficient;

② The internal communication bus rate of CS series plug-in dsource measure meter is higher, and the scanning speed is faster.

2. What are the differences in the number of channels between the S source measure meter and the plug-in source measure meter?

The S-type source measure meter only has a single channel, and the CS series source measure meter can realize multi-channel; at present, CS100, CS200, CS300, CS400, CBI401 and CBI402 daughter cards have been developed, of which CS100, CS200 and CS300 are single cards Single channel, CS400, CBI401 and CBI402 are four channels per card, and the four channels in the card share the same ground. When using a host with 10 cards, the user can achieve a configuration of up to 40 channels. According to the actual situation, the user can choose different sub-cards to achieve better cost-effective matching.

3. How much can the communication interface LVDS rate of plug-in digital source measure unit reach?

The plug-in source measure meter device uses a custom communication bus structure inside, and the physical layer uses LVDS differential signals with a data rate of up to 1Gbps. There are 3 pairs of data lines inside the bus, that is, the physical link data rate is 3Gbps; using a custom bus can save costs The whole system can be realized quickly under the condition that the software development difficulty is moderate.

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