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Focus on semiconductor electrical performance testing

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Application of high-precision digital source measure meter for semiconductor electrical performance test

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Remnant clouds collect summer heat, and new rain brings autumn haze. Midsummer is over, and the start of school in September is coming as promised. The students bid farewell to the holidays and started new journeys one after another. In many people's study career, physics is like a "big devil". Today we use the method of "Love Physics" to learn the electrical performance test of semiconductors!


In high school, the classic mantra of physics teachers was: Different charges attract each other, and like charges repel each other.


This knowledge point can be understood from "Love Physics": opposite sex attracts, same sex repels.


Opposites attract


same-sex repulsion

As we all know, the professional fields of semiconductor electrical performance testing are very extensive, including: microelectronics, integrated circuits, physics and electronic engineering, aerospace, materials science and engineering, materials and energy, electronic science and engineering, optoelectronic information and energy engineering, etc. etc...

Next, let’s talk about a keyword we often hear in semiconductor testing: the photoelectric effect. The theoretical meaning is: only when the photon energy exceeds the threshold, the current can be excited, and it has nothing to do with the illumination time.

Using the method of "Love Physics" to understand is: the law of charm, only when one's own charm reaches the standard can one impress the other party, and stalking is useless.

Physics is a natural science composed of theory and experiments. Experiments can turn abstraction into concreteness, dullness into vividness, and clearly show the physical phenomena studied in front of us. After learning the theory, let's take a look at the semiconductor electrical performance test experiment!


In practical applications, electrical performance testing experiments in different professional fields are different, and some typical experimental phenomena are shown below.

I-V characteristic test

I want both current and voltage, and I have a set of performance tests!


C-Vcharacteristic test

Don't discharge randomly unless we see each other right!


I/O characteristic test

There are curves in the input and output, and their respective fates have depths!





Reverse breakdown voltage (VR) test

When dating and making friends, you must pass the test, and if you exceed the counter pressure, you will break down.


Speaking of this, I still want to say that the semiconductor electrical performance test experiment is far more than that. In various experimental projects, high-end test instruments are indispensable.

Precise Instruments focuses on the field of semiconductor electrical performance testing. Based on the comprehensive experimental platform of high-precision digital source measure meters, it can provide a variety of experimental measurement environments, with a wealth of test fixtures and experimental equipment to meet the needs of semiconductor electrical performance testing and improve testing efficiency.


PRECISE High Precision Source measure unit Instruments

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