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Precise digital source measure meter helps perovskite solar cell l-V test!

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In the report of the 20th National Congress, key words such as carbon peak carbon neutrality, sustainable development, and green development were mentioned many times. With the development of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the application prospect of solar cells is broad. Solar cells are called photovoltaic cells in physics, and the core materials used in them are semiconductor materials, and the basis of battery energy conversion is the photovoltaic (photoelectric) effect. Usually after the solar cell is fabricated, it is tested and characterized to reflect the performance of the resulting cell.

Efficient collaboration

Optimizing the Solar Cell Testing Process

From research and development to production of solar cells, each link has different testing requirements, mainly including maximum current IMAX and voltage VMAX, open circuit voltage Voc, short circuit current lsc, fill factor FF and conversion efficiency η, etc.


The power supply used in the traditional l-V test can only output voltage or current, and cannot absorb energy as a load, while the digital source measure meter (SMU) is a precision instrument that can provide complete four-quadrant operation,

Combining the functions of current source, voltage source, ammeter, voltmeter and electronic load, it can independently measure the l-V characteristics of the device in all four measurement quadrants, greatly improving the test time and simplifying the overall test system design.

reliable hardware

Lay a solid foundation for intelligence


Since 2015, Precise has been committed to the research of digital source measure meters, and took the lead in realizing the localization of digital source measure meters in 2019, and successively launched high-precision digital source measuring meters, plug-in source measure units and other products, and cooperated with well-known manufacturers in the industry for Users create scientific research-level single-channel and multi-channel solar cell lV test systems to meet the test requirements of different power and precision.

Solar cell single channel l-V test

S Series Source measure  Meter

·Maximum voltage 300V

·Maximum current 1A

·Support four-quadrant work

·Suitable for small area and low power


HCPSeries Source measuring unit

·Maximum DC current 30A

·The maximum pulse current can reach 100A

·Maximum voltage 50V

·Suitable for high current test

Solar cell multi-channel stability test solution

Series Source measure Meter

·Voltage range 300uV~300V

·Current range 100pA~1A

The number of source measure meters determines the number of channels


CS Series plug-in Source measure Meter

· Composed of host and sub-card

· High channel density

·Strong synchronous trigger function

· High efficiency of multi-equipment combination

Smart software

Improve test efficiency


Ready-to-use PC software for quick and easy I-V characterization

Automatic scanning, data acquisition and parameter calculation

·Automatic generation and display of chart files

·Picture backup and printout

Automatically generate test reports, support Excel, ASCII, XML formats

Four test interfaces, excellent performance


Precision Source measure Meters (SMUs) from Precise Instruments are the best solution for characterizing the I-V characteristics of solar cells and various other devices. Its wide current and voltage measurement range can provide excellent measurement performance for scientific research and manufacturing.

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