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Precise high-precision digital source SMU meter helps the reform and upgrading of integrated circuit/microelectronics experimental teaching platform in colleges and universities

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The integrated circuit industry is the core of the information technology industry, and it is a strategic, basic and leading industry that supports economic and social development and guarantees national security. Integrated circuits are made of semiconductor materials and are the main component of semiconductor products, accounting for more than 0% of the market share of semiconductor products. From 2018 to July 2022, multiple national departments successively issued policies to standardize, guide, encourage, and plan the development of the integrated circuit industry, covering integrated circuit technical specifications, integrated circuit cluster development support, and integrated circuit talent training support. Among them, colleges and universities play an important role in the development of my country's integrated circuit technology. The progress of the experimental teaching system in colleges and universities has laid a talent foundation for the development of my country's integrated circuit industry.

Current Situation of Experimental Teaching in Colleges and Universities

The experimental teaching system at the undergraduate stage of colleges and universities is mainly composed of theoretical courses and experimental teaching courses. There are many problems in the experimental teaching of traditional college microelectronics, integrated circuits, electronic information engineering, physics and electronic information engineering, mainly including the following several aspects:

1. The number of experimental instruments is small, the experimental course cycle is long, and the time compatibility with the theoretical course is poor;

2. Educational special instruments have single functions, low reuse rate, and high education expenditure costs;

3. The teaching instrument is old, with low measurement accuracy and poor repeatability;

4. Instrument operation is foolish, the experimental process is opaque, and lacks the cultivation of students' hands-on ability;

5. The content of the experimental course is outdated and cannot meet the needs of the current stage of IC talent training.

Precise teaching laboratory integrated workbench solution

Precise uses industrial-grade high-precision instruments and meters, and is equipped with corresponding chip-level semiconductor power device experimental training modules, which can support the teaching and practical training of integrated circuits, urgent electronics and other professional-related courses, and help colleges and universities create chip and power device testing practices Training center.



Program features and advantages


Curriculum Support and Talent Training Direction

Covering 6 major professional courses

>Integrated Circuit Testing and Verification

>Integrated Circuit Principle and Application

>Semiconductor Device Physics

>Semiconductor integrated circuits

>Basic experiment of analog electronic technology

>Circuit basic experiment

14+Test Experimental Discrete Devices

>MOSFET /BJT static characteristic parameter test experiment

>MOSFET/BJT dynamic parameter test experiment

>MOSFET switching characteristics test

>MOSFET capacitance characteristic test experiment

>Rectifier diode performance test experiment

>Optocoupler characteristic test experiment

>Material resistivity test experiment

>Laser LIV characteristic test experiment

>Test experiment of triode amplification characteristics


>Integrated reference voltage source performance test experiment

>Voltage Controlled Oscillator Test Experiment

>Logic IC function and parameter test experiment

>Integrated operational amplifier characteristic parameter experiment

>Logic chip I/O port characteristic test experiment


Talent training direction

>Semiconductor Test Engineer

>Integrated Circuit Application Engineer

>Chip failure analysis engineer

Remarks: It is possible to jointly customize the integrated circuit Mi experiment training test plan

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