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CTMS Current Sensor Test System


The current sensor test system integrates multiple measurement and analysis functions to accurately measure a variety of current sensors (Hall current flow Sensor, Roche coil, Pearson coil, etc.) static and dynamic parameters, a single large current source current up to 1000A. The system can measure the static and dynamic parameters of different current sensors, with large current characteristics, very fast up to 50A/us level rising edge, measurable with the characteristics of KHz class bandwidth and so on. It can realize the automatic zero drift, linearity, temperature drift curve, bandwidth, response time and other parameters change the measurement.

Product Feature

█   High Current

█   Modular

█   Fast rising edge (50A/uS)

█   KHz-level bandwidth

The current sensor test system of Pursys CTMS uses high-performance test instruments to integrate and match. The host computer and temperature box of the test system are controlled by the upper computer software to achieve automatic testing, data recording and other functions.


Product selection

ItemMax excitation currentZero shiftSensitivityLinearityErrorOutput current  slew rate
technical parameters 1000A 0.1mV 0.1%FS 0.1%FS 0.1%FS 50A/μS
ItemOutput Delay Time ResolutionOutput Response Time ResolutionBand widthNoise densityNoise peakAmbient  temperature
 technical parameters ≤10nS ≤10nS ±10kHz@500kHz 1uV/Hz-2 in 0-500Khz 0.1mV -55℃~+125℃;Accuracy±3℃

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