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HCPL series high power laser test power supply


HCPL series high-power laser test power supply with CW and QCW output capacity, single device CW output current up to 60A, output voltage up to 100V, can be widely used in high power LED test and aging LIV test, high power semiconductor laser LIV test and aging, Schottky diode test, rectifier bridge reactor test. The device supports multiple units in parallel to achieve greater current output, and the accuracy of output current and voltage measurement can reach 0.1%. Based on years of research and development experience of Pussys SMU, the product integrates voltage measurement, photocurrent measurement, temperature monitoring, water flow monitoring, etc., especially suitable for current application and synchronous measurement scenarios, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of system integration.

Product Feature

█    Accuracy of 0.1%

█   Support LIV scan test

█   DC maximum 60A output

█   minimum pulse width 100μs

█   power surge resistance design

█   rich scan mode 

█   reserved photocurrent, temperature water flow monitoring DIO interface 

█   multiple communication interface RS-232/LAN

Product selection

ModelMax pulse currentMax DC currentMax output voltageMin pulse widthDrive current accuracy
HCPL00220A20A100V100μs 0.1%FS
HCPL00660A60A100V100μs 0.1%FS
HCPL060600A60A100V100μs 0.1%FS

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